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First time in the history Streamkaro is also providing earning opportunities on having user agency. Now you can earn money by joining Streamkaro as a user agency by just social marketing and enhance company's premium Gold vip.

Streamkaro Talent

Streamkaro is leading Talents also. Join Streamkaro as a Talent and just show your live stream chat with fans and have access on lot of earning opportunities plus extra bounces & rewards.it'll also boost your Talent.

Streamkaro Talent Agency

Join Streamkaro Talent agency and earn money while staying at home. Just manage your Talent groom their work and run a endless riple of Talent.

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24 Hours active help support available for users

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Live yourself

StreamKaro is live streaming platform where you can stream anytime, anywhere

Users can interact with people from all over the world using Streamkaro

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Our Performers

Meet V.j Naina, A Host in India. She trust you need three things to be truly happy living in the world.

Something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for. Make sure to download #Streamkaro.

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Meet Vj Christine, a kind is a one talent, who shares her experiences and emotions through her live Stream.

Now you can experience her amaizing talent live on #Streamkaro

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Meet Vj Ekta, is a successful young model

If you have not seen her broadcasts, make sure to download #Streamkaro

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